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One Nina Rose Wholesale Program


One Nina Rose is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start their business. We provide the biggest discounts and the use of our products off our website to help you get started. 

We also have a staff that will design your logo and website for an additional fee. To get started, complete the following steps below;

  •  Complete the questions below and email them to us at
  • Send us a copy of your seller's permit.


  1. You must be already registered for the One Nina Rose newsletter? 
  2. Do you sell online or offline or both?
  3. What is your website / social media address?
  4. What country do you mainly sell or want to sell in?
  5. What is your current monthly sales in equivalent US dollar amount?
  6. How much do you estimate you will buy from for any one purchase?
  7. If approved, how soon will you make your first purchase from us?
  8. How often do you plan or estimate you will buy from
  9. How do you plan to pay for your purchase?
  10. What brands / product are most interested in buying?
  11. Who is your current supplier and why do you want to change?
  12. How did you hear about us?
  13. Do you want to add any comment or concerns?

Minimum $300 purchase amount is required for our tier 1 wholesale pricing.  Higher discount price tier requires greater minimum purchase amount.


  • Minimum purchase order is $200.
  • Can mix and match any brand / products on our website (pack purchase may be required).
  • A monthly wholesale price list will be emailed to our partners.
  • Additional payment options via Money Gram, Western Union, or Bank Wire Transfer if needed.

 We will review your application and respond within 48 hours.